Come let's work together !
  •         Functional Expertise with Leadership

    The CoWorX ecosystem is privileged to have functional experts and business leaders as consulting partners. experts and business leaders as consulting partners. 

    Their vast and versatile experience render the definite edge to CoWorX engagements.  edge to CoWorX engagements. 

Expertise - when you want it !

In a rapidly changing world opportunities or challenges arise, and organizations don’t have the capability in-house to get the best results. Whether you need to consult, engage, or grow your organization, CoWorX connects you to experts enabling you to identify the people with first-hand experience who can get you to the right answers.

CoWorX brings C-suite level professionals to you, so you can quickly get your team up to speed. You can request a speaker for an engagement, or we can build a customized learning and development program. We also bring C-suite professionals to join your team or board for interim or long-term appointments.

Consultation & Advisory

As businesses navigate through the ever changing business environment there is a constant need for businesses to obtain an expert second opinion to ensure that the decision making and action steps are in line with the best practices of the industry.  The Coworx panel of experts add tremendous value to the businesses in this role.

Independent Director Search

Our Experts database is a perfect starting point for your search of proven experts with integrity and credentials to lend join you as Independent Directors on your Board. 

Compliance Management

The fast changing compliance framework in businesses requires multi dimensional expertise and proven experience in managing and safeguarding the businesses from the compliance burden. CoWorX offers a full compliance practice headed by experts to manage this aspect for your. Capability and competence is our business.  

Speakerships and Representations

Our Council of Experts enjoy recognition in the industry and are available to take up speaking assigments through the CoWorX platform. Their services are also available for policy advocacy and corporate affairs.