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  • CoWorX Individual Memberships 

    Your gateway to work, jobs and opportunities - all at one place through meaningful networking. Create your presence, showcase your skills and offer services.

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Together let's create value.

CoWorX has been designed to create an ecosystem for professionals to work together through active networking and collaboration in business development, lead generation for startups looking towards the corporate sector.

CoWorX  groups are restricted by membership with a token payment of Rs. 500/- per month to restrict the membership to active and result oriented professionals and not just to build an online presence.

The focus is on working together in the spirit of actively helping to promote each others businesses and professional practice, through private treaties and mutual benefits. 
CoWorX Forums are for exchanging information on business leads, active jobs and consulting opportunities and are not a platform for content creation and internet followers. 

Benefits listed here are just the beginning !

 The CoWorX platform is an endeavour which will have an advisory board comprising of senior professionals from diverse industries to promote the ecosystem. The members will have active hand-holding by the members of the CoWorX Advisory Council.

The membership amount will entitle the members to the following benefits : 
Active Networking for Collaboration

Inclusion and introduction to a live whatsapp group of professionals and other platforms. Participation in fortnightly cohort virtual meetings.

Co- promote business on platforms

Promotion of their professional services on the CoworX website and in turn on linked in.

Build working relationships 

Introductions and co-opting other members relevant to the community. Partnering for B2B projects for growth. 

All memberships are by invitation and reference only.

CoWorx - HR

The CoWorX HR members are proficient in HR disciplines like Payroll, recruitment, employee experience, ready to deploy. 

CoWorx - Accounts

The CoWorX Accounts members are qualified and experience accountants with ready for deployments.

CoWorx - Finance 

The CoWorX Finance members are budding MBAs and CAs with a knack for financial analysis and investment management. 

CoWorX -  Sales & BD

The CoWorX Sales & BD members are experts from digital and telephonic lead generation to sales closure - plug and play !

CoWorx - Projects

The CoWorX in association with Projects is putting together a team of talented project professionals ready to be deployed across variety of projects. 

CoWorx - FM

The CoWorX Facility Management team is available for ready deployment.

CoWorx - Admin 

The CoWorX Admin team carries excellent experience and is available at a short notice. 

CoWorX -  Purchase

CoWorX Purchase Engineers are ready resources for your purchase function.

The CoWorX Premium Professional Membership

The CoWorX Premium Professional membership is available for practicing professionals and professional services firms.  

Active Premium Members shall be invited to partnering with the CoworX corporate structure.

Practice Areas

With a CoWorX Premium Professional Membership you will be a designated professional service provider on the CoWorX platform giving you the avenue of showcasing the bouquet of services offered and accessing the leads received.  

Create your own team 

The CoWorX Premium Professional  Members will have full access to the integrated ERP system and use the end to end functionalities offered by the powerful system. 

Flexibility is paramount 

We believe that the success of CoWorX depends on flexibility of arrangements among the members, and we are  always open to tweak all aspects to suit the requirements of all users. We believe that the essence of working together is co-working.